14 Day Portugal + Spain + Gibraltar

A Luxury Tour of the Southern Europe
Tax $600
  • Date:Oct 13, 2018

  • 4-5 star Hotels

  • All inclusive with authentic foods

  • Experience AVE High-speed Railway

  • Lisbon, Seville, Gibraltar, Granada, Cordoba, Toledo, Madrid, Barcelona


Day 1 Vancouver, Canada > Lisbon, Portugal

Depart from Vancouver to the capital of Portugal, Lisbon.


Day 2 Lisbon Full Day

All day tour in Lisbon city, once a Greek trading station and then a Roman town. The river is winding and most of the streets are built on hills. Because the whole city is built on seven hills on the northern shore of the Tigas River, it’s called “The City of Seven Hills “.  The ancient streets and the friendly people are fairly rare in other modern European cities.

Day 3 Obidos > Fatima

Morning departure to the "City of Wedding" - Obidos, it was the wedding gift from the ancient Portuguese King to his Queen. It’s also known as "Stone City" because the walls, churches and street floors are made of stones piled. Then set foot on Fatima, where Holy Marry show herself to the little herdsman. According to legend she read the Rosary every day to achieve world peace. People built the church and held annual parade to commemorate her.


Day 4 Cabo da Roca > Sintra > Pena Palace


This morning come to the western end of the European continent, Cabo da Roca. The Portuguese poet Camões once described it as "the end of the earth, the beginning of the ocean". Then visit Sintra, where the Portuguese Royal spent the summer. Take a look in one of the top ten most romantic castle in Europe, Pena Palace. This castle is like a fairy tale world, but also with a strong Arab architectural features which makes it definitely a major highlight of the Portuguese trip.


Day 5 Lisbon > Seville Spain


Visit Belem Tower, the "Lady of the River Tagus"; the "Discoveries Monument", symbolizing the pioneer and the enthusiasm towards the discovery of the New World; Jeronimos Monastery, completed with the tax money of spice and gold. Travel to Seville in the afternoon.


Day 6 Seville Full Day

All day tour in Seville – the Andalusia guardian angel. Visit the Spanish Square, the most beautiful and most representative square in Spain. The main building has a large number of ancient Roman-style corridors, arches, pillars and stigma, style is extremely magnificent. Into the magnificent cathedral, which also holds the great navigator Columbus's coffin. Then to the landmark Giralda tower, this building is 100 meters tall so anywhere in the city can see it. The "Metropol Parasol", also called the "big mushroom", is a new sightseeing spot. In the evening, enjoy the Spanish Flamenco Show.


Day 7 Gibraltar > St Michael’s Cave > Costa del Sol


Today leave Seville and go to British Gibraltar. The disputed peninsula has an area of 6.543 square kilometers and a coastline of 12 km. In 1713 the British acquired Gibraltar from Spain, and in 1830 formally declared Gibraltar as its colony, while Spain has always claimed to have the sovereignty of Gibraltar, has been seeking to recover Gibraltar, but has not yet been resolved. And then visit the St Michael’s Cave, a stalactite cave created by rainwater for thousands of years. Its entrance is like a "water curtain cave”, with a group of no-tail monkeys sneaking around. Then transferred to the famous resort in southern Spain, Costa del Sol.


Day 8 Mijas > Granada > Alhambra Palace

Head to Mijas. This is the famous white mountain city, where white houses are arranged in order. To reflect the sunlight, each household paints their walls white with blue flower pots neatly placed outside. A walk in the ally gives a strong feel of the Mediterranean style, which is also a great place for photography. Later on visit another historical political and cultural center - Granada. See the Alhambra Palace and the Summer Resort, which is full of Islamic feature architectures.


Day 9 Consuegra > Toledo > Madrid

Step into the "White Windmill Village" Consuegra, the world of the Spanish masterpiece "Don Quijote". These windmills, built since the Middle Ages, were in fact ancient power plants for processing agricultural products. Transfer to Toledo, the old capital of Spain from the medieval to the 16th century. Spaniards called it "Knight City", since in the Middle Ages it was known for its knights, weapons and goldsmith craft, especially the golden fencing sword. Over years the city has accumulated rich Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Moorish cultural heritages. Set foot in the city cathedral to see the gorgeous golden altar.


Day 10 Segovia > Alcazar > Madrid City Tour

The ancient Romans loved bath, thus they constructed the aqueduct to bring the distant water into Segovia. The aqueduct has a double-layer design, built with tons of granite. This aqueduct is a magnificent engineering works. It has been operating well for two millennia, providing source of water for Segovia. Follow the ancient street to see the cathedral and the beauty of Alcazar Castle. Alcazar means "palace" in Arabic, it’s the blueprint of the castle designed in western cartoons. Visit the Spain Square and Columbus Square in Madrid.


Day 11 Madrid > AVE high-speed Train > Barcelona


In the morning, visit the Madrid Palace, which combines the baroque and neoclassical style. It is the home of the Spanish royal family, with a splendid and magnificent interior, showing the divine afterglow of the empire. Afternoon take the AVE Spanish high-speed railway from Madrid to Barcelona. The railway is 621 km and it only takes 2 hrs 38 min for a non-stop one-way trip. It is one of the world's fastest commercial railway.


Day 12 Barcelona > Monastery of Montserrat

Set foot in one of Gaudi’s masterpiece, the Holy Family Church. It’s Barcelona's landmark and also the only building that has not yet been completed but classified as a world heritage site. And then into the Park Güell, also works of Gaudi which looks like a candy house in fairy tale, a good place to view the city's scenery. Afternoon visit the Monastery of Montserrat. The monastery is known for its peculiar rock formations, the Black Lady, and Europe's oldest choir, and since the Middle Ages it has been a pilgrimage site to the Europeans.


Day 13 Barcelona City Tour

A full day tour in Barcelona. Visit the location which Columbus returned to after his first voyage to the Americas - the Columbus Monument. Then proceed to the Jewish mountain, the 1992 Barcelona Olympic village was built in the vicinity. The hill offers a panoramic view of the harbor of Barcelona. Down to the Olympic venues, it was a stadium built for the 1929 World Expo and today it has been used for the local football match. The afternoon is yours to do a bit shopping before going home.


Day 14 Barcelona > Vancouver

Your wonderful trip ends with the departure back to Vancouver.