• Date: Nov 25, 2018

  • International round-trip flights between Vancouver and India & one-way fight from India to Dubai.

  • Ride elephants to Amber Fort & take a human tricycle to the ancient market in Delhi

  • Meals include rich authentic cuisine

  • 5 star luxury hotels

  • Including admission tickets for all performances

  • Provide 2 free bottles water everyday per person 


Day 1 Vancouver > New Delhi, India

Today, depart from Vancouver to New Delhi that is the capital of India.

Day 2 Delhi

Arrive at the New Delhi airport in the afternoon and transfer to the Hotel. Spend the rest of the day relaxing, and have a dinner at the hotel.

Day 3 Delhi

Full-Day City Sightseeing in New Delhi and Old Delhi: [The India Gate] was built in 1921 for commemorate the death of Indian soldiers who died in the First World War. [Humanyuns Tomb]is in  UNESCO World Heritage List. This Islamic-style building was built in 1556, with a few types of fountain gardens. It is very charming. It is known as the "Delhi's Taj Mahal." Visits [Jama Masjid], the largest mosque in India. Then, rides a tricycle through [Chandni Chowk Bazaar] to see the livelihood of exotic countries.

Day 4 Delhi > Agar

Today, head to Agra. Visit the [ Agra Fort] that was built in 1565 by King Akbi. It was completed by the third generation of emperors until Shah Jahan. The octagonal tower was the king of Shah Jahan who was imprisoned in the late years to look at his beloved wife's tomb.  The building was spectacular. It took 95 years to complete. Specially, the city wall took 9 years to complete. The wall is 2.5 kilometers long and 20 meters high. All of them are made of red sandstone, so it was called the Red Fort.

Day 5 Agar > Jaipur

In the morning, visit the [Taj Mahal], one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The shape of Taj Mahal is perfect. Its balance and symmetry are architectural miracles. Although the main building is white marble, there are still various colors of precious stones, jade, malachite, mosaics, crystals, etc.  The artistic reputation of the Taj Mahal was greatly appreciated by later generations. In the afternoon, go to Jabil, the capital of Rajasthan province. Jabil, also known as the Pink City, is a traditional old city in India. The preservation of the city's monuments is intact, and it is deeply impressed. Pass through a small village of Abhaneri, whose “Chand Baori” is famous in the world.

Day 6 Jaipur

Today, explore the city of Jaipur with its medieval atmosphere. Ride the elephant to the [Amber Fort] that was built on a hill named Amber. The castle has a large area and several independent buildings. Afterwards, visit [ Wind Palace] that is the most famous attraction in Jaipur. The unique design allows the breeze to be felt when you are in every corner of the palace. The beautiful brick-red building complex makes it the most popular photo attraction. [City Palace Museum]: Built in 1726, it was built in honor of the Grand Duke Mansing.

Day 7 Jaipur > Mumbai

After breakfast, fly to Mumbai. Mumbai is located west of India and faces the Arabian Sea. It is the largest industrial and financial center in India. Mumbai was originally a small fishing village consisting of seven small islands, and it has become the largest city in India. Mumbai is an important trading port of India since the era of Great Navigation, and it is the most famous international city in India.

Day 8 Mumbai

In the morning, take a ferry to the [Elephanta Caves], a magical island in Mumbai Harbour. The island has four Hindu temples carved into the rock and is now designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. [India Gate] is facing Mumbai Bay. It is India's facade and iconic building. Visit the [Mumbai Traditional Laundry Area]. Every day, nearly a thousand people do laundry here. ​

Day 9 Mumbai > Dubai

Today, take Jet AIRWAYS to Dubai. Dubai is the second largest emirate in the United Arab Emirates. Light lunch on broad.

Day 10 Abu Dhabi

This day, visit Abu Dhabi, the richest country in the Middle East on the Arabian Peninsula. [The Zayed Grand Mosque], which costs 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, is the eighth largest mosque in the world and can accommodate 40,000 people for worship. The main hall house has the largest hand-made carpets (5,627 square meters) and the largest crystal chandelier (more than 8 million US dollars) in the world. Photographs will be taken outside the temple if it has religious ceremonies. Visit the Abu Dhabi Louvre which opened in 2017. The Abu Dhabi Louvre has 9200 square meters of exhibition space. In order to celebrate the opening, there are also 300 works of art in 13 French art institutions including the Louvre, such as Da Vinci's "Beautiful Veronier", Van Gogh's "Self Portrait", Monnet's "Saint-Lazare Train Station", and Matisse's "A Magnolia Still Life" And other famous works.

Day 11 Dubai

Today is Dubai city tour. Ride a “water taxi” cross the Dubai Creek and visit the traditional Spice Bazaar and Golden Street. Take photos in the front of "Sailing Hotel”. At lunch time, you can enjoy a lunch buffet at the Atlantis Hotel. Also, go to the Lost Chambers Aquarium with 65,000 fish and 250 species of marine life. Afterwards, visit the “Dubai Mall” which the size is equal 5 standard football fields. It has an indoor aquarium with the largest viewing glass in the world. Then, go to the “California” building, is 828 meters high, is the tallest mansion in the world.  Then, visit the Burj Khalifa that is the "Dubai Music Fountain" designed by Wet, a manufacturer of Bellagio fountains in the United States. Nowadays, it is the world's largest musical fountain. The total length is 275 meters, the maximum can be sprayed to 150 meters, equivalent to a 50-story building height. After dinner, transfer to airport.

Day 12 Dubai > Vancouver

Return to Vancouver via Toronto on this day, ending 12 days India and Dubai tour.

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