eHome was founded in 2001.  For over 18 years of dedication and devotion into our tour programs, eHome has become a tour company with excellent reputation from our Cantonese-speaking Chinese Canadian customers in Vancouver. 


Based on service tenet of “Customer First”, eHome is committed to creating our own itineraries which will make the traveler's experience more abundant. Over the years, we have continuously explored exciting destinations and kept searching for new tour elements in order to provide more travel choice for the customers.  Today, eHome Travel Group Inc. is very honored and recognized by our customers and is a pioneering and dynamic travel company.


During the beginning of eHome, we operated a 2-day trip to Vancouver Island and Tofino, and then further developed a 3 to 6-day bus tour to the USA.  Among all, we had sent many trips to Oregon, USA.  At first, many customers chose to go to the state of Oregon because the state was exempt from sales tax, which is a shopping paradise for everyone. But in fact, Oregon is surrounded by picturesque scenery, with snow-capped mountains, coastal areas, waterfalls, and lakes. It is an excellent tourist destination for tourists who enjoy sightseeing and enhancing their travel experience.


Fortunately, eHome has been assisted by the official tourism bureaus of Travel Portland and Travel Oregon, so that we can introduce many wonderful tourist spots to customers in Vancouver. Among them are: Cannon Beach, Crater Lake National Park, and, in recent years, the most colourful place - Painted Hills, which are highly appreciated by customers and photography enthusiasts who went before. Everything we did, we do it with compassion.  During the process of growing up, we have gradually gained the support and trust of many customers.  Driven by full positive energy, we enriched our experience and confidence, we started expanding new routes to more places in North America in 2005.  Around the same time, we also began to initiate using more travel characteristics of cruise ships and trains in our tour program, giving customers a refreshing travel experience.


After that, we created the "San Francisco Train + Cruise Travel Itinerary", "Yellowstone + Grand Teton National Park Tour – by Bus", and "America's Southeast Coast Orlando / Miami + Caribbean Cruises" and other exclusive itineraries. All of these tours are positively evaluated and affirmed by the customers. When we were fortunately to receive the invitation of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Angela and Kenneth were able to embark the world's largest 220,000-ton cruise ship Oasis of the Seas, becoming the first passengers to board the ship. In the following year, we began to organize several Caribbean cruises, and one of the groups had over 100 passengers to board the super cruise to enjoy the Caribbean.  To us, it is a very important milestone.



With the support of our customers, we have been gradually exploring the European cruise route, the Mediterranean and the Nordic Baltic Sea.  All of these itineraries are our most popular travel products today.  Around the same time, we also worked very hard to find new North American travel routes.  In 2010, eHome launched a brand new tour route after many on-site field trips conducted by our team.  "Grand Circle + Antelope Canyon Tour" has become our most successful and popular tour even now.  As always, we arranged itinerary with our customers’ interest and comfort in mind; therefore, we received excellent responses.  Our customers who participated in the tour introduced the itinerary to their relatives and friends. The success of this tour has made eHome's loyal customers grow rapidly in a few years, which is indeed a turning point for our growth.


With confidence and encouragement from our customers, we are constantly striving to make tour products more diverse. Has developed a number of very unique itineraries, such as "South America, Peru, Argentina, Brazil Carnival", "South Africa Cape of Good Hope + Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe", "Australia + New Zealand Luxury Cruise", "Portugal + Spain Tour", "Iceland deep tour", plus Cuba + Mexico, India + Dubai and so on.


From 2015 until now, the a popular travel product is the River Cruise. From the European Rhine, Danube, and southern France rivers, eHome has added pre- and post-tour activities along with the river cruise potion. Having us accompanied throughout the journey to ensure customer satisfaction.  River Cruise is a new tourist experience with a high degree of popularity in recent years.


Since the field trip to Iceland, we have started the first winter tour group to Iceland in 2016. In 2017, we repeated the tour again.  On the tour, our customers can enjoy the glacier, ice cave, ice flow and Northern Lights.  Everyone was amazed at the magical natural beauty of Iceland.  We chose the most representative sightseeing spots and packed the most suitable tour elements for our customers.  To ensure that we have the most fun and rich itinerary.  In addition, to us, the most important thing is to take into account the safety of everyone. We selected the best tour guide of the local licensed tour company.  We entered the ice cave under the leadership of a well-trained tour guide.  Always understand that everyone in the group must be happy and safe.


After each tour, we constantly review each arrangement and enhance tour contents, so as to improve the comfort level of each group and bring you the best quality match.  Our customers can get the best value back for money from our tour program. In 2018, we began our "Yellowstone / Grand Teton National Park – by Air" tour. No long-distance driving back and forth to Vancouver, saving 4-days on the road.  We had two full days sightseeing in Yellowstone Park and another full day in the Grand Teton National Park.  No rush sightseeing here and there! Relax and enjoy a slow-paced tour within a close distance of each designated stop.  Take photos in front of the most famous features and attractions.


While eHome is constantly innovating, we will try do the best to improve all of our existing itineraries.  To thank everyone for your support, we will continue giving the best of our effort into every group!