Just something about eHome Travel Group that you may want to know...

In 2001, eHome Holidays Inc. was born. When we first started eHome, it was right around the time period of “e” fashion. Therefore, we joined the trend and called ourselves “eHome”. Because of what we do is mainly for people on vacations and holidays, thus we picked the second part of the name “Holidays”. It happens the sound and the meaning of “eHome” fit very well in the Chinese words “ 怡家”. To make the whole name completed into the theme of our team, we name our company “eHome Holidays” and the meaning in Chinese is “怡家 + 假期” . 


So, what is the meaning of eHome Holidays?
eHome Holidays symbolize an usual way that most of the Chinese people will only enjoy their vacation after everything is settled at home first.

Over 14 years of indivisible commitment and hard work, eHome Holidays Inc. now has earned a recognition as a pioneering tour company. We brought out many innovative tour and interesting programs for our customers. Many of them have become our good friends and we have been travelling together to many places in the world.


Until the beginning of 2015, we decided to change our name to eHome Travel Group Inc. Why did we change our name to a travel group? All because of your care and support. eHome will soon branch out. All will go under our group umbrella.  


Stay tuned for more about eHome’s team ….


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